The World of floppyzyn
This website was born on March 7th, 2022! Thanks for visiting! :)

UPDATE May 13th 2022

Well it's been a month since I last made an update post, but I do think of my website often and have made several small updates without posting about it. I am also working on things behind the scene to write and share on my website but nothing is ready yet. I got a little ahead of myself and made quite a few webpages before I had any content to put on them. I dont like having empty public facing pages so I have gone through and "slimmed down" my website by redirecting the "main pages" to their sub-pages that have content. The pages that I have no content for at all I have hidden the links to. I have also added a page counter to the bottom of several pages. These counters are supposed to be seperate from each other and I will eventually place them in the main page for each section of my website.

Newest Additions: I have added some new photos to the top of my photography page.
I have added three new OP's to the bottom of my anime OP/ED page. (Unfortunately I haven't seen any of these shows.)
I have updated the SKS page with my findings on how to actually use the sight of the gun.
I have updated the Sega Saturn page with my history with the Saturn and my game collection.

Upcoming Additions:
An about page where I explain myself and my website.
A "Links" page where I spotlight other sites on neocities.
Sega Saturn articles. (My personal goal is four.)

I know in my last update I said I was starting a review for a N64 game, and I still have what I've done so far but I made the Saturn page first. In my head I think four or so articles/reviews on each system would be enough to warrant having a dedicated page for it. Once I accomplish this for the Saturn I will move on to the N64. After that I will arbitrarily pick consoles until I have a decent bit written for each one. At that point I will just pick and choose what I want to do but for now I don't want pages up with nothing on them. I will also admit that reviewing games takes more than I thought it would. I originally planned games I have never played before, I didn't want to be biased by nostalgia. It takes so much time though, I think I will write less review like and more retrospective like articles for games I have played heavily and hopefully speed up the proccess.

As always I am thankful for every person that reads anything on my site. Though I can get a little use from my site myself by organizing my things, ultimately I want to make a website where people come to read the things I've written and look at what an old camera can do.

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