The World of floppyzyn
This website was born on March 7th, 2022! Thanks for visiting! :)

UPDATE September 26th 2022

I have aquired a new camera and from now on will be splitting the photos page into two sub-pages. One for photos taken with each camera. I have turned the original photos page into the page for the first camera, the Sony MVC-88.
You can see the Photos page as it is now here.

I have removed a few photos and have added a title and date beneath each photograph. I also will be adding a description for each camera as well as photos. Maybe each camera will get a hands-on and specification page.

I know in my last update I said I would hopefully have something cool to show in a few days. That didn't work out like I was hoping. I do hope that what I am doing with these old cameras can still be intersting though. But I am no photographer.

As always, I appreaciate anyone who reads this and welcome you to my site. Its kind of a mess now but feel free to look around if you like.

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