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UPDATE April 13th 2022

Thought I dont expect to have much content relating to guns on here I have made a new background for any pages that will involve them, it's live on the SKS article for now.

I have a lot of ideas for content for my website, I just have to actually sit down and make them. I have begun taking notes and reviewing a Nintendo 64 game for some of my first gaming content. I'll keep it a secret which one it is for now but it isn't very obscure or anything like that. Just a game I like but have never gotten around to beating. I would also like to do a sort of "diary" or journal for a game as I play through it then maybe write a formal review on it. The two games I have in mind currently are Chocobo's Dungeon 2 and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Both of these are on PS1, so I guess I need to get a Playstation page started. Which reminds me of my WIP Sega Saturn page, I dont really have any major content planned for that at the moment actually. The majority of Saturn games I have are japanese, so if they rely too much on the story I cant give them a fair shot at the moment. I think the Saturn game that is most likely to show up would be Shinobi Legions/Shin Shinobi Den. Ironically I have this game in japanese but I enjoy the cutscenes being in japanese. I think it gives off a really enjoyable B-movie vibe.

On the computer front I would like to review or journal older PC games as well. I also am thinking about starting a gallery of the old computer parts that I have. I am concerned about the amount of space that would take though, my pics would probably have to be 640x480 to take up less of my site's space. If I knew a good bench marking suite I might even publish benchmarks for really old builds, I can probably find something if I look hard enough.

Of course I will also be taking more photos. Along with all the photos I will take to accompany the content for this site I will still take my camera places to just take photos, I pick the ones I like and put them on here. If you don't know, all the images on my site are taken with the same 22 year old camera, a Sony Mavica FD-88. I keep meaning to give the camera an introduction on my site, it's the reason I even started one. I thought it would be a cool project to keep photos taken with it online. My site is really about anything I want to put on here, but I do still intend to keep as many pictures NOT taken by the FD-88 off of my site.

What I think is most important for the site next is probably adding a column on the side of every page with links to help get around and organise the site. I would also like to add a navagation bar on top with more general links. I am not experienced in html and will have to figure out how to do both of these, probably by copying and pasting from an example website and changing them as I see fit.

Before I log off again I would like to take the time to mention another user and their site, Silenc3. I don't know what I did to inspire him and Ecolus, but I am happy to have made an impact. I think that user's should help each other out, and I read his updates and keep watching for his friends' websites to start in earnest. The ones that I am aware of are Ecolus and Chorbi4ka.

Being shout-out like that makes me think I need an about page. So that people can know what me and my site are about, and not shout-out complete strangers.

UPDATE April 11th 2022

I am back again with some suprise content. I didn't plan on having this content on my site but it was spontaneous and I decided to take a few pics and write about it. I bought a military surplus SKS to have and shoot recreationally. You can read the article here.

UPDATE March 25th 2022

I have learned enough to be able to make a webpage now (though the formatting still needs some work). I could make a ton of empty webpages for what I want to put on the website, but I've decided to work on content instead. I hope to have some things to see and read about on my website soon, for now I am still taking photos when I can but I'm waiting for everything to green up outside. I dont think pictures of bare trees and mud are very intersting.

Recently I have been busy with moving things out of my grandmothers home and I got into Monster Hunter Rise. I may put a little bit of Monster Hunter stuff on here but I'm not a super experienced player though I did play 3U on the WiiU.

I have gone to my parents house and have taken some new photos while I was there. They are at the top of the photos page.
I need more content on my website so for now I will leave you with some bonus content. Please except these photos of my cats.

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