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UPDATE March 10th, 2024

I did a little work on the about me section and made a new page for it. It's not much but I think I can use the list I made in the future.

I also noticed the Anime OP/ED page had dead youtube links on it. I'm not sure what I originally picked as the song for each series so I just picked again. I also added 3 new ones I learned about in the past year.

I know it's a short update but I just did this to wind down before bed. I'm ready to sleep now.
Until next time - Floppyzyn

UPDATE January 31st, 2024

Even though I haven't updated my site since before the holidays, I still have been thinking about what I want to get done.
I'm trying to figure out a realistic and healthy way to accomplish what I want and I think I have to tune the expectations of speed way down. It could be years and years before everything I want to do is done and I'm satisfied.

Where I'm at right now, I need to change my mentality on working on this site into less work and more fun. Often I would look at the video games I want to share or projects I wanted to partake and create a huge burden and mountain of work for myself. E.g.: thinking thoughts like "If I'm going to make a page about the Nintendo 64 I need X amount of articles on it before it can go live". It would be more helpful for me to not worry about how grand and complete something is right now. A much better idea would be a temporary catch all page. Just until I can make meaningful categories.

Ideally, I also wouldn't actually have a schedule for when I need to do things. If I'm going to play a game long enough and give it enough thought to write about it, I would rather find interest in it organically. In the past I made lists of things I wanted but it just ended up looking like a list of chores. A few weeks ago I started playing a new game spontaneously out of my own interest and I think this will be the first game I write about. Though this is at least the third game I've decided would be the one. (I've had a 3 page essay on Sonic Jam for the Saturn typed up for almost 2 years but I will probably scrap it.)

I also have some pretty neat computer related articles I want to talk about, and when the weather warms up again I have at least one big photography trip planned for this year. I just need to remember to take everything in small pieces at a time or I'll never finish anything. There's also an idea to write articles about the different pieces of a video game from my perspective, so that you know where I'm coming from if you happen to read any of my reviews.

There's nothing I've added to the site, I just wanted to post an update. There might be a few garbage pages in my update feed, I'm going to play around with some page formatting and layouts but it will all be placeholder for future pages.

As always, thanks for visiting my site. Even if it's only this page. -Floppy

UPDATE November 28th, 2023

I haven't written about any updates in a while, though if you look at my activity feed you'll see I've been quite busy. I've made several pages to go in my new gaming section whenever I open it back up. For now they will be unlisted, I want to have more content before it "goes live" so to speak.

I've learned a little more about laying out a web page and have took a little time to change the layout of my photography pages. I have consolidated pictures into a single div if they were taken on the same trip. This, sort of, showcases the best photos from an outing while also being easier to look at.
I still have to figure out how I am going to set up my page for photos taken with my 35mm cameras. I often take pics in both orientations and don't know how to display different size images next to each other cleanly. I have a lot more photos taken in late october to show but I haven't had the film developed.

In the meantime maybe I should expand on the "About" section. I think I would like updating more about who I am instead of just my ideas for the website. Though I don't see this website as much of a blog and do not think it is appropriate to post my personal troubles on the main page. Still, I would like to let people know who I really am and maybe help them not feel like they are alone.

Until next time - Floppy

P.S. I've gotten a lot of new followers recently, I need to make my own web directory page where I link back to them and show my appreciation.

UPDATE October 23rd, 2023

They've been hidden for a while but I have a few pages for retro game consoles where the only thing I ever got around to doing was linking Youtube videos of songs I liked. I do not like linking to youtube and a few of the videos have been removed since I made the pages.
I am currently in the proccess of designing a new page that will show off multiple songs from each soundtrack and hopefully some of my thoughts on each. The new songs are linked from Zophar's Domain, they are high quality and it would take so much of my time and storage space to do my own rips.

You can see the page in progress at Floppy's Favorite Dreamcast Soundtracks.
The Dreamcast page will be used as a template for other consoles when the time comes.

P.S. The Windows Me PC works just fine on the internet now. Using Retrozilla I can even browse neocities pages! Though a lot of them have to much going on and bring the computer to a standstill. I especially like looking at my own and I'm designing the Dreamcast Soundtracks page to display/fucntion better on an older system and lower resolution.

Hope you enjoy my very messy website. - FloppyZyn

UPDATE October 20th, 2023

It doesn't seem like it's been 3 months since my last update, but here we are. Last weekend I worked quite a while on something I've wanted to do on this site for some time, something I'm going to call the "Computer Lab". I'm not gonna say anything about it yet (so that there isn't any pressure on my part) but I think I have some cool ideas.

Here's a pic as a teaser. And yes I still fully intend to build this site with my Sony Mavica cameras, that's the FD-91 on the tripod there.

Throughout the week I've been messing with a circa 2000 era PC I've thrown together. I got everything ironed out with the correct Windows Me drivers, I'm just having a hard time with getting it on the internet. It will connect to websites for a little bit when it first gets an internet connection for the first time, after that it stops loading web pages. My hunch is that it just needs a little help with it's network settings, since our router is one of the more expensive ones and 20 years newer than the network card. Maybe Expectations have changed in the past couple decades but I just don't have much experience networking any age of computers.

Until next time - FloppyZyn

UPDATE July 17th, 2023

I've made a few more small steps torwards fleshing out my website a little bit, I have a very incomplete about me page up at the moment. I'll fill it out as inspiration strikes I guess.

I've added it to the navigation bar on most pages but you can also find it here.

Next up, I would like to re-organize my photography galleries. I am thinking about removing the individual "titles" from each photo and grouping them together into groups of six or more under a common theme or outing. It'll just make it easier to look at the photos with nothing in the way.

Whelp, until next time. -Floppy

UPDATE July 3rd, 2023

I've been doing reasearch and brainstorming ideas for launching a new website oriented on older video games. I actually had the idea to go through a lot of games by release date, like Atari 2600 games going up to PS2/Xbox/GameCube. That idea has been dropped do to that taking so much time and this needs to be something i do to relax and when im in the mood. It would have been a lot of work to do that and I wouldn't be able to play what I want when I wanted.
I think its much more sensible, and probably more helpful to others if I just leave the historical part to old magazines and forums I find and will share. I will instead save my thoughts for things like the affordability of a certain game and if its worth the price in my opinion.
It's going to be entirely subjective of course but I need to come up with some sort of rating system so you can compare the games I've talked about with things like gameplay or playtime per dollar.

I think ultimately I'd like to have a set up where theres either a tab or a colomn for the game "then" that talks about its reception when it was released and how it compares to its contemporaries, and one for the game "now" where i talk about the availability of a game, what its been released on, and some tips on how to play it. I'll include my own personal review too.
But thats all still a long way away.

I've copied a page to edit into a sort of template to make it easier to just drop content into. For the mock-up I've been using Crash Bandicoot: Warped, I recorded myself playing for an hour and half earlier to get gameplay clips on real hardware then I skimmed through the footage to find screenshots I liked and made a small collage in GIMP, I like the idea of using the background of the page to show screenshots. I have a hard time figuring out how to place the content on the page by just thinking, that's why I needed to make a mock-up page so I can figure this out.

If you want to see the page in question you can see it here.

Or click on this image.

If you've actually read all this I really do appreciate it. If you haven't been here before you can look at my photos by clicking on "photography" at the top of the page, but I still need to clean it up for you. Thats about all I have on the site for now.
Until next time. - Floppy

UPDATE May 7th 2023

I recently bought a film camera and have enjoyed heading out on saturdays and photographing things with it. I have made the decision to expand the site to include photos from other cameras besides just Sony Mavica cameras.
I have copied the FD-91 page and replaced the images with a few pictures I've had developed from film. It took 3 weeks for my film to come back from the lab. I have the chemicals to develop black and white film and have developed three rolls so far, I don't have a scanner yet so I can't really upload any of those images here for now.

Here's a picture I've taken with the camera and heres the link to the WIP page for now.

UPDATE March 14 2023

It's been a few months since I last did anything to my site, but I've liked taking a break.

I've been thinking about what to do with this site and I have been planning a long-term slow updating project relating to video games. I think I'll make another site to handle that and continue to use this site solely for my photos. I'll make some pages explaining my cameras and categorize my photos a lot better. I would like to have pages dedicated to one thing, for example I have a lot of photos of flowers that I have been waiting to upload. I've had the idea for a flower photo gallery for a while. I'd like to list the species of plant next to every photo if I can figure them out.

I hope to start being a little more active on the site soon. I'm sorry about things I've said I might start but haven't done yet.

Until next time, thank you for visiting my site and please be patient until I figure things out.

UPDATE December 25 2022

Merry Christmas!
I have been busy with work but I am hoping to sit down and do things I can write about soon.
For now, I have some pictures to show from my parent's house and the snow that just hit a few days ago, taken with the FD-91 of course.

I was wondering if I would hear the motor in disk drive slow down because of the freezing temps but it seemed to be fine.

Until next time, thank you for visiting my site and have a happy new year.

UPDATE October 27 2022

A few weeks ago I went to Frankfort KY to shoot some photos. Originally I wasnt too happy with the photos I took but looking at them now I like some of them a decent bit. I've noticed that if I wait a while before judging my photos my opinion of them will be different.
I have added some of the photos to the FD-91 page, I still need to make a landing page for the photography section to direct visitors to either page.
For now, there is no link to the new page except the one I link in my updates.
You can check out the new page for the FD-91 here.

A view of the Kentucky State Capitol. I haven't been here since I took a field trip in 5th grade.
I only took the FD-91 with me on this trip, I like the camera a lot actually. I think I might like it more than the FD-88.

I'm hoping to finally add some retro gaming content to this website. I want to leave something plugged up in the livingroom all month and write about it while I play. Though I haven't made any decisions yet.

Also, I would like to shoutout my newest follower mikoto, their website looks like its coming along pretty well and you can visit it here.

As always, I appreaciate anyone who reads this and welcome you to my site. Its kind of a mess now but feel free to look around if you like.

UPDATE September 26th 2022

I have aquired a new camera and from now on will be splitting the photos page into two sub-pages. One for photos taken with each camera. I have turned the original photos page into the page for the first camera, the Sony MVC-88.
You can see the Photos page as it is now here.

I have removed a few photos and have added a title and date beneath each photograph. I also will be adding a description for each camera as well as photos. Maybe each camera will get a hands-on and specification page.

I know in my last update I said I would hopefully have something cool to show in a few days. That didn't work out like I was hoping. I do hope that what I am doing with these old cameras can still be intersting though. But I am no photographer.

As always, I appreaciate anyone who reads this and welcome you to my site. Its kind of a mess now but feel free to look around if you like.

UPDATE August 24th 2022

Over the weekend I went to a flea market and was given a CRT monitor for free. I was going to buy it since it was only 5 dollars, but the person who owns the booth was there and let me just have the monitor for free. The monitor is a Dell E773c and was made in March of 2004.

This is actually the exact same model as the monitor I had with my first, wholly-mine computer. I still have that monitor but the front panel is broken so I cannot adjust the video settings. This new monitor looks at least as good as the other monitor and it's front panel still works. So I'm pretty happy with its acquisition.

The new monitor displaying my Dreamcast through my Blaze VGA box.

Of lesser significance, I also got a seemingly new, yet opened, pack of 10 floppy-disks for 50 cents. Philips isn't the most know brand in floppy disks but for 50 cents you cant go wrong. I used them to take the pictures for this update. One of my photos couldn't be read by my computer. I could have put the disk back into my camera and copy the photo to another disk but I just formatted the disk and didn't worry about it. If I take these Philips disks out when I take photos they will be for backup or just for fun pictures I dont care about losing. But they seem like they will be decent work disks for taking pictures of things i want to show on this website.

The box of Philips floppy disks, with labels.

Hopefully, I will have something cool to share in the next few days, but I will keep quiet about it for now.
I appreciate anyone reading this and if you want, feel free to look around using the nav-bar.

UPDATE July 18th 2022

I have started yet another job. Hopefully this one gives me time off on the weekends.

I am still re-watching Hidamari Sketch and taking notes. I am thinking about using the Mavica to take pictures of it instead of using screenshots but it might not look very good.
I have the blu-rays and a few volumes of the manga, so I can get fine pics from that. I would like to show off the show too though.

You can keep an eye on the page in progress here. Though it is very barebones at the moment.

Otherwise, I am happy you are here and feel free to use the Nav-bar to look around.

UPDATE July 11th 2022

I have started a new job. It will do for now probably. I don't know what days I will have off yet but if i get enough I have some articles to write and pages to make.

Currently, I am re-watching Hidamari Sketch and will be writing about it. (You may have already seen the page for it.)
Hidamari Sketch is one of my favorite anime. I know a little bit that I can share about it. I also think it has some artistic merit and is worth watching.
You can keep an eye on the page in progress here. Though it is very barebones at the moment.

Otherwise, I am happy you are here and feel free to use the Nav-bar to look around.

UPDATE June 28th 2022

It's been longer than I thought since I've done anything here, I guess its evident that this website isnt one of my main hobbies.

I have returned to post some new pictures that I have taken.
You can see them on my photos page.

I am in the mood to write a little bit about something. Hopefully I'll have some new pages up in a few days. I still feel that my website is just a scattered mess, I need to seek out information on how to effectively organize pages on a website.

Maybe you will hear from me again sooner rather than later.

UPDATE May 13th 2022

Well it's been a month since I last made an update post, but I do think of my website often and have made several small updates without posting about it. I am also working on things behind the scene to write and share on my website but nothing is ready yet. I got a little ahead of myself and made quite a few webpages before I had any content to put on them. I dont like having empty public facing pages so I have gone through and "slimmed down" my website by redirecting the "main pages" to their sub-pages that have content. The pages that I have no content for at all I have hidden the links to. I have also added a page counter to the bottom of several pages. These counters are supposed to be seperate from each other and I will eventually place them in the main page for each section of my website.

Newest Additions: I have added some new photos to the top of my photography page.
I have added three new OP's to the bottom of my anime OP/ED page. (Unfortunately I haven't seen any of these shows.)
I have updated the SKS page with my findings on how to actually use the sight of the gun.
I have updated the Sega Saturn page with my history with the Saturn and my game collection.

Upcoming Additions:
An about page where I explain myself and my website.
A "Links" page where I spotlight other sites on neocities.
Sega Saturn articles. (My personal goal is four.)

I know in my last update I said I was starting a review for a N64 game, and I still have what I've done so far but I made the Saturn page first. In my head I think four or so articles/reviews on each system would be enough to warrant having a dedicated page for it. Once I accomplish this for the Saturn I will move on to the N64. After that I will arbitrarily pick consoles until I have a decent bit written for each one. At that point I will just pick and choose what I want to do but for now I don't want pages up with nothing on them. I will also admit that reviewing games takes more than I thought it would. I originally planned games I have never played before, I didn't want to be biased by nostalgia. It takes so much time though, I think I will write less review like and more retrospective like articles for games I have played heavily and hopefully speed up the proccess.

As always I am thankful for every person that reads anything on my site. Though I can get a little use from my site myself by organizing my things, ultimately I want to make a website where people come to read the things I've written and look at what an old camera can do.

UPDATE April 13th 2022

Thought I dont expect to have much content relating to guns on here I have made a new background for any pages that will involve them, it's live on the SKS article for now.

I have a lot of ideas for content for my website, I just have to actually sit down and make them. I have begun taking notes and reviewing a Nintendo 64 game for some of my first gaming content. I'll keep it a secret which one it is for now but it isn't very obscure or anything like that. Just a game I like but have never gotten around to beating. I would also like to do a sort of "diary" or journal for a game as I play through it then maybe write a formal review on it. The two games I have in mind currently are Chocobo's Dungeon 2 and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Both of these are on PS1, so I guess I need to get a Playstation page started. Which reminds me of my WIP Sega Saturn page, I dont really have any major content planned for that at the moment actually. The majority of Saturn games I have are japanese, so if they rely too much on the story I cant give them a fair shot at the moment. I think the Saturn game that is most likely to show up would be Shinobi Legions/Shin Shinobi Den. Ironically I have this game in japanese but I enjoy the cutscenes being in japanese. I think it gives off a really enjoyable B-movie vibe.

On the computer front I would like to review or journal older PC games as well. I also am thinking about starting a gallery of the old computer parts that I have. I am concerned about the amount of space that would take though, my pics would probably have to be 640x480 to take up less of my site's space. If I knew a good bench marking suite I might even publish benchmarks for really old builds, I can probably find something if I look hard enough.

Of course I will also be taking more photos. Along with all the photos I will take to accompany the content for this site I will still take my camera places to just take photos, I pick the ones I like and put them on here. If you don't know, all the images on my site are taken with the same 22 year old camera, a Sony Mavica FD-88. I keep meaning to give the camera an introduction on my site, it's the reason I even started one. I thought it would be a cool project to keep photos taken with it online. My site is really about anything I want to put on here, but I do still intend to keep as many pictures NOT taken by the FD-88 off of my site.

What I think is most important for the site next is probably adding a column on the side of every page with links to help get around and organise the site. I would also like to add a navagation bar on top with more general links. I am not experienced in html and will have to figure out how to do both of these, probably by copying and pasting from an example website and changing them as I see fit.

Before I log off again I would like to take the time to mention another user and their site, Silenc3. I don't know what I did to inspire him and Ecolus, but I am happy to have made an impact. I think that user's should help each other out, and I read his updates and keep watching for his friends' websites to start in earnest. The ones that I am aware of are Ecolus and Chorbi4ka.

Being shout-out like that makes me think I need an about page. So that people can know what me and my site are about, and not shout-out complete strangers.

UPDATE April 11th 2022

I am back again with some suprise content. I didn't plan on having this content on my site but it was spontaneous and I decided to take a few pics and write about it. I bought a military surplus SKS to have and shoot recreationally. You can read the article here.

UPDATE March 25th 2022

I have learned enough to be able to make a webpage now (though the formatting still needs some work). I could make a ton of empty webpages for what I want to put on the website, but I've decided to work on content instead. I hope to have some things to see and read about on my website soon, for now I am still taking photos when I can but I'm waiting for everything to green up outside. I dont think pictures of bare trees and mud are very intersting.

Recently I have been busy with moving things out of my grandmothers home and I got into Monster Hunter Rise. I may put a little bit of Monster Hunter stuff on here but I'm not a super experienced player though I did play 3U on the WiiU.

I have gone to my parents house and have taken some new photos while I was there. They are at the top of the photos page.
I need more content on my website so for now I will leave you with some bonus content. Please except these photos of my cats.

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